Authentic Scottish Food Recipes (2024)

It is amazing that so many renowned and authentic Scottish food recipes come from a country as small as Scotland; recipes that are used every single day in homes and restaurants throughout the enchanting Kingdom of Fife. The fertile soil and climate give us enormous variety of natural foods that have put us at the forefront of the international food industry, and become famous for creating some of the finest authentic Scottish food recipes and delicacies.

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Many, Scottish dishes of course, are associated with special occasions like a traditional Scottish Christmas, St Andrews Day, the famous Hogmanay (or New Year's Eve)and of course Burns Suppers where the authentic Scottish Food recipes such as haggis, champit tatties and bashed neeps are served.

Check out Valentine's Day Meal for recipes for Smoked Salmon Mousse followed by Steak in Whisky & Pepper Sauce, finishing with a delicious Chocolate Cream; or have a look at Easter Sunday Menu for recipes for Cream of Carrot & Coriander Soup, followed by Roast Lamb, with profiteroles (not a true Scottish dish) for dessert.

However, if YOU have a Scottish Recipe you'd like to share with others on this site, please contribute HERE.

If you're planning to make authentic Scottish food recipes, why not say a Scottish Grace beforehand. This well-known one below was written by Scotland's famous Poet, Rabbie Burns. (If you want an alternative grace by Burns, have a look at the Grace before Dinner page.)

In Fife, we have locally produced beef, lamb and Venison. There is salmon and trout, other fish and shellfish from our streams and lochs and lovely coast. The rich and fertile soil ensures that there are fields full of grains, potatoes, other vegetables and delicious soft fruit such as raspberries and strawberries, which are eaten raw or made into jams, pies and other wonderful dishes.

These wonderful raw ingredients have led to delicious and authentic Scottish food recipes.

Let me share with you some samples of our food, some of which you may have heard of.


Maybe it's because of our climate, but Scotland is famous for its breakfasts. Of course it is good to start the day with bowl of hot porridge. Oats are grown in the Kingdom of Fife, and in all hotels and bed and breakfast establishments you will be offered Porridge on your breakfast menu.

It is seen a healthy and filling food, and obviously one that can be enjoyed by those who suffer with wheat allergies. The calories are not too high (providing you don't add too many other fattening ingredients.

Bowl of Porridge

Authentic Scottish Food Recipes (2)

In almost all hotels and Bed and Breakfast establishments you will be offered a Scottish cooked breakfast. This will usually include some or all of the following: - bacon, eggs, black pudding, sausages or sliced (Lorne) sausages, Tattie Scones, baked beans, mushroom and tomato. It is usually served with toast and of course tea or coffee.

Scottish Breakfast

Authentic Scottish Food Recipes (3)

I don't know that many Scots can be bothered making this type of breakfast normally, as life is usually too busy. Also most people are looking for more healthy alternatives. But sometimes we'll have it as a 'treat' for brunch some days, either at home or in a restaurant.

Soups and Main Meals

We serve lots of soup, some are 'everyday' soups that you would get anywhere, such as vegetable and Lentil (if you want a recipe for this, then sign up for my ezine for your free copy of my mini recipe book, which has this, chicken stuffed with haggis and a whisky sauce, followed by fruit crumble), while other soups such as the Fish Soup, Cullen Skink, and of course the Scottish Leek Soup Recipes. All of these and of course our famous Scotch Broth are authentic Scottish food recipes.

Bowl of Scotch Broth

Authentic Scottish Food Recipes (4)

You may have heard of haggis, but never tasted it. Myths and funny tales have been created about the Haggis, but it is one of our most famous delicacies.

Our famous Poet, Rabbie Burns even wrote a Poem about it called Address to A Haggis


Authentic Scottish Food Recipes (6)

Of course being surrounded by sea the whole of Britain is famous for its Traditional Fish and Chips in Batter, often served with 'mushy peas', with many 'Chippies' as we call them claiming to have their own secret recipe. One famous Award-winning 'Chippie' is in the town of Anstruther in the East Neuk of Fife.

Fish and Chips

Authentic Scottish Food Recipes (7)

But we also serve the delicious salmon in so many ways, grilled, baked, smoked as well as salmon fish cakes and salmon patties.

Another famous dish which can be eaten hot or cold, served at a buffet or perhaps with chips (French Fries) and salad is Scotch Eggs.

Scotch Eggs

Authentic Scottish Food Recipes (8)

Another dish which has been served in families throughout Scotland for years is a dish called 'Stovies'. Its key ingredients are potatoes, onions and dripping. When I was a child we used to have stovies on a Monday if my Mum had enough money to serve a lamb or beef on the Sunday. Sometimes when money was tight - she'd add sausages or corned beef as a cheap alternative.

Steak pie is another of our favourite authentic Scottish Food Recipes, as is savoury mince pie (not to be confused with the sweet mince pies we serve at Christmas).

But one of the dishes served throughout the country for Sunday dinner is the delicious roast beef, served with roast potatoes, yorkshire pudding and vegetable.

Authentic Scottish Food Recipes (9)

Sweets (candy) cakes and desserts.

Then you'll find the delicious shortbread and other biscuits (cookies), cakes, and puddings such as Crannachan. This authentic Scottish food recipe is delicious dessert, made with typically Scottish ingredients, such as oats, whisky and raspberries, or the equally delicious Tipsy Laird

You'll also find sweets (candy) and desserts such as Scotch Pancakes (similar to Drop Scones) which are wonderful served with homemade raspberry jam (jelly to friends from USA), Shortbread and the famous Clootie Dumpling and Tablet are all some of the famous authentic Scottish Recipes.

Scotch Pancakes

Authentic Scottish Food Recipes (10)

Black Bun is also one of the most authentic Scottish Food recipes. It is traditionally served on Hogmanay (New Year's Eve), but enjoyed all year round. It is rich with dried fruit. Well worth a taste!

Black Bun

Authentic Scottish Food Recipes (11)

Tablet is very, very sweet and you can only eat a wee bit at a time. It comes in a variety of flavours, but the most common is vanilla. It is loaded with calories, but still worth a wee taste! You can usually buy this at local shops and it'll probably be sold at any Highland Games you might attend.


Authentic Scottish Food Recipes (12)

There is a wonderful little pub in Strathmiglo, called Strath Tavern that serves the most delicious Clootie Dumpling. I can highly recommend it. It is, of course, not-so-good if you are counting calories or watching your waist-line! But it IS one of our authentic Scottish Food Recipes that you might enjoy.

Clootie Dumpling and Custard

Authentic Scottish Food Recipes (13)

Another of the most famous authentic Scottish food recipes is Shortbread. There are so many variations of shortbread, and I’ve devoted a whole page to it, but why not try this simple one.

Shortbread (Click heading to see further shortbread recipes)


1lb (450g) butter
8oz (225g) castor sugar
1lb (450g) sifted flour
8oz (225g) rice flour
Pinch of salt


  • Grease special shortbread mold or 8" round cake pan.

  • Line bottom with wax paper.

  • Cream butter and sugar until fluffy.

  • Mix and sieve the flours and salt, and mix with the butter

  • Add sugar gently with your fingers until the dough is crumbly but clumps together when pressed.

  • Pat evenly into prepared pan.

  • Bake in preheated 140C/ 275F oven for 45 minutes.

  • Remove from oven briefly, with sharp knife, score into 12 wedges, cutting about halfway through dough.

  • Pierce decoratively with fork.

  • Return to oven; bake about 15 minutes longer or until just lightly browned at edges.

  • Cool in pan on rack 30 minutes.

  • Loosen sides right, and cut into required shape.

Well, there you have it - a summary of some authentic Scottish food recipes. But I would like to also mention that there are also many international restaurants (eg Chinese, Indian and Italian) throughout the Kingdom, and you may be keen to try those.

Another thing I mentioned earlier was that we are very fortunate in Scotland to have such a wonderful natural larder of food. I'm no gardener, but I do like to grow fresh herbs to use with many of the recipes. Other food, like the Clootie Dumpling requires a variety of spices which we buy already prepared. If you would like to know more about spices, have a wee look at Nazlina's wonderful site Pickles and Spices

For more information and other authentic Scottish food recipes, see the following pages:-

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Traditional Fish and Chips in Batter. - If you're visiting Scotland - do try this from a good Fish and Chip Shop. But if you want to make it yourself, here's the recipe. Serve with 'mushy' peas.
Stovies - Try this simple, everyday dish, can be made with lamb, corned beef or even sausages.
Porridge - Try a bowl of this famous Scottish breakfast dish.
Savoury Mince Pie - This delicious but simple pie is served in households across Scotland.
Salmon Patties - A variation on the Fish Cake - but using Scottish oats.

Also look at some of the recipes contributed by visitors to this site.
Grandma Wright's Clootie Dumpling, Mince and Tatties, Quick Microwave Christmas Pudding, Cup of Tea Cake, Scottish Recipe against a Sore Throat, Gaelic Coffee, Mealy Potatoes, Scot's Pepper Pleasure Boat

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Authentic Scottish Food Recipes

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Authentic Scottish Food Recipes (2024)


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