18 Enchanting Yule Log Recipes to Grace Your Christmas Table (2024)

With Christmas just around the corner, something I am so exceedingly happy about, it is a smart idea to start thinking about what you’re going to cook this December 25th. The big day will always creep up on you faster than you think.

I remember one Christmas in a food planning session with my mom, she absentmindedly questioned whether or not we really needed a Yule Log on our table, seeing as we had had one every other year. I have never been so insulted.

She does have a point, however, Yule Logs, as delicious as they are, are a relatively simple chocolate cake.

They can look extremely pretty as the centerpiece of a dessert spread if you go to town with decorating it, but the flavor usually remains the same. To combat this dilemma, I have done my research. There is actually a large number of insane Yule Log recipe ideas out there that I had never even considered trying before. There’s a first time for everything.

18 Enchanting Yule Log Recipes to Grace Your Christmas Table (1)

Spruced up Yule Log Recipes

1. Classic Yule Log

18 Enchanting Yule Log Recipes to Grace Your Christmas Table (2)

This really wouldn’t be a complete rundown of Yule Log possibilities without the Classic Chocolate Yule Log.They really are yummy and loved by all ages. There is a reason why they are such a staple dessert during the festive season.

There are endless classic Yule Log recipes out there, you might even have your own that you always use. However, this is one of my personal favorites. I like to go over the top with my decorations and think additions like little marzipan toadstools can give your Yule Log a fresh from the forest look.

2. Mocha Yule Log

18 Enchanting Yule Log Recipes to Grace Your Christmas Table (3)

Coffee cake is often an all-round favorite, so I doubt you could go wrong with this Mocha Yule Log. This delicious cake is made up of the classic chocolate cake, but with a coffee-flavored cream for that signature swirl.

I like this Yule Log as a more sophisticated take on the classic, and think it would be a lovely thing to offer up to guests with a hot drink when you are undoubtedly bombarded with spontaneous visitors throughout the festive period.

3. Peanut Butter Yule Log

18 Enchanting Yule Log Recipes to Grace Your Christmas Table (4)

This Peanut Butter Yule Log is a bit of fun, and I know that so many of my family members would absolutely love it, especially the kids.

Chocolate and peanut butter is a classic flavor combination that just works, so you would have no worries surrounding the flavor of your cake.

There are quite a few different components that come together to make the final cake in this recipe. Still, it would definitely be worth the little bit of extra effort. Although the recipe seems long, it is extremely detailed which makes it perfect for a first-timer to follow.

4. Chocolate Peppermint Bark Yule Log

18 Enchanting Yule Log Recipes to Grace Your Christmas Table (5)

There are a few things that will make you feel more festive than sitting with a candy cane in hand, and with this Chocolate Peppermint Bark Yule Log, you can capture that feeling in a dessert for your Christmas meal.

Not only would this taste divine, but it looks incredibly fun and festive, with the red and white candy canes against the deep brown chocolate.

I love the fact that there are crushed candy canes running through the buttercream as well as on top of the Yule Log, and think it would enhance that sweet minty flavor.

5. Red Velvet Yule Log

18 Enchanting Yule Log Recipes to Grace Your Christmas Table (6)

Red velvet is my absolute favorite flavor of cake, so when I saw this recipe my mouth practically dropped open.

Not only would this Red Velvet Yule Log taste delicious, as all red velvet cakes do in my opinion, but it also looks incredibly festive with the red and white colors.

It’s like Santa Clause in cake form. I like the addition of the coconut coating on the outside, I think it looks like a fresh layer of snow, but of course, you could leave it out or use another method of decoration like sprinkles or edible colored dust.

6. Chocolate Gingerbread Yule Log

18 Enchanting Yule Log Recipes to Grace Your Christmas Table (7)

If you want a posh-looking Yule Log, then this Chocolate Gingerbread one is what you’re looking for. Just look at that shining mirror glaze.

Despite how delicious and perfect it looks, it isn’t actually too difficult to pull together, and you will definitely end up with a finished cake that you are proud to show off.

It is packed full of yummy spices like cinnamon and ginger, but it still maintains that classic Yule Log appearance and chocolatey taste. This would be a great one to give your guests a little unexpected but welcomed surprise.

7. Chocolate, Caramel, and Chestnut Yule Log Cake

18 Enchanting Yule Log Recipes to Grace Your Christmas Table (8)

Now, this isn’t your traditional rolled Yule Log, but it is something a little different if that’s what you’re going for, both in shape and in flavor.

This Chocolate, Caramel, and Chestnut Yule Log Cake lookincredible, and the sweet woody flavors of the caramel and chestnuts would match well with the tree-like look of the cake.

The concept of this cake is similar to a traditional Yule Log, with the cake layers enclosing a buttercream, all covered in chocolate frosting, but if you want to avoid the sometimes tricky rolling of the sponge, then this recipe could be your new best friend.

8. Chocolate Hazelnut Yule Log

18 Enchanting Yule Log Recipes to Grace Your Christmas Table (9)

Compared to some other recipes, the one for this Chocolate Hazelnut Yule Log is incredibly simple, which immediately removes the fear of taking on a Yule Log for the first time.

Chocolate and Hazelnut screams Nutella to me, and it’s difficult to find someone who isn’t a fan of that. I think the way this Yule Log has been decorated is so nice, something I haven’t tried before but definitely will now.

Even if you aren’t using this chocolate hazelnut recipe, you could easily make this ‘bark’ to cover any cake or other Yule Logs with.

9. Tiramisu Yule Log

18 Enchanting Yule Log Recipes to Grace Your Christmas Table (10)

This Tiramisu Yule Log sounds delicious, just looking through the recipe made me desperate to try it. My dad is the world’s biggest tiramisu fan, so I am pretty sure his plate would be licked clean.

There are a couple of really interesting twists in the making of this particular Yule Log. For one, the cake itself is vanilla, which brings more attention to the coffee flavor.

The cake is then covered in espresso syrup and rolled with a filling that includes mascarpone cheese, cinnamon, and a cheeky splash of cognac or brandy. This really sounds like a step up from the traditional Yule Log, and to be honest is something you could make all year round with seasonal decorations.

10. Salted Caramel Yule Log

18 Enchanting Yule Log Recipes to Grace Your Christmas Table (11)

Salted caramel is one of my favorite flavors out there. So I would not be surprised if found myself whipping up one of these Salted Caramel Yule Logs this Christmas.

The filling used in this recipe is meringue buttercream, which sounds like something I will be struggling not to eat straight from the bowl before even making it onto the cake.

Although I am all about eccentric decorations, I do quite like the simple, rustic look of the example here, with the open ends and the chopped nuts on top. I can already see myself going back for seconds.

11. Yule Log With Cherries

18 Enchanting Yule Log Recipes to Grace Your Christmas Table (12)

This Yule Log With Cherries is like a classic Yule Log meets Black Forest Gateau.

I like that the filling of this doesn’t look perfectly smooth, with the chunks of cherry running through it, and can imagine they would make each mouthful extremely yummy and interesting.

The frosted cherries on top are gorgeous, and I think I will be taking inspiration from this and adding them to other desserts over the Christmas period. The icing sugar gives the illusion of a dusting of snow, and I think this would look very pretty sitting on your festive table.

12. White Chocolate Yule Log

18 Enchanting Yule Log Recipes to Grace Your Christmas Table (13)

As much as I am a fan of the traditional, and this is very opposite from that, I cannot deny the fact that I would probably eat a decent percentage of this White Chocolate Yule Log all by myself.

I love the combination of white chocolate and berries, and the fact that you can use frozen berries in this recipe is incredibly helpful for winter baking. The bright colors of the berries in the swirl of the Yule Log contrast with the white cake and frosting, and I can imagine that their sharpness would balance extremely well with the sweet white chocolate.

13. Exotic Yule Log

18 Enchanting Yule Log Recipes to Grace Your Christmas Table (14)

This Exotic Yule Log looks like nothing short of a masterpiece, and I can imagine taking so much pride in bringing it all together and making it look beautiful.

I really like lemon meringue pie, and this looks like an even better version of that, with the passionfruit mousse and piped meringue on top.

Although I may be thinking about it too much, as I often do, this could be really nice as a dessert for New Year’s, with the fruits and bright colors looking like fireworks. Guests would be so surprised to see this as your take on a classic Yule Log and would be as eager to try it as I now am to make it.

14. White Chocolate and Baileys Yule Log

18 Enchanting Yule Log Recipes to Grace Your Christmas Table (15)

I think this is the recipe with the fewest ingredients that I have found, so if you want something quick, easy or even last minute, this White Chocolate and Baileys Yule Log will do the trick.

This is a very adult Yule Log, initiated by the Baileys of course, and I think it would be perfect for a dinner party over Christmas. The white chocolate and Bailey’s frosting sound delicious, and the decoration with the little-pearlized balls makes it look sparkling and ready for a party.

15. Raspberry Chocolate Yule Log

18 Enchanting Yule Log Recipes to Grace Your Christmas Table (16)

Even though this Raspberry Chocolate Yule Log might be cheating slightly by avoiding the classic but difficult roll, it would be perfect for a quick dessert fix, or a baking beginner.

As the recipe suggests, because there is less cake than in the traditional Yule Log, this is a lighter alternative.

The lightness is also helped by the lack of chocolate ganache, that being replaced with a drizzling of dark chocolate. I love raspberries, they go so well with chocolate, and I believe that their freshness and color are the perfect choices to have in the filling of this lighter Yule Log.

16. Christmas Vanilla Yule Log

18 Enchanting Yule Log Recipes to Grace Your Christmas Table (17)

My inner child is screaming out to get her hands on the layers of buttercream in this Christmas Vanilla Yule Log. This bake would be great for fussy kids and adults alike.

The addition of the colored sprinkles into the cake batter and buttercream is genial.

I like the fact that some of the colors have run in the baking process, making the dough slightly colored. The green and red colors make this cake ultra-festive, but you could easily adapt this recipe to suit any time of the year, with multicolored or seasonally appropriate sprinkles.

17. Mini Yule Logs

18 Enchanting Yule Log Recipes to Grace Your Christmas Table (18)

I love anything mini, and these cute Mini Yule Logs are no exception.

These would be absolutely perfect to bring to work and share with colleagues or to bring to a little mate date before Christmas. It is such a lovely touch to have added on an extra piece of cake to the sides of each log to make them look more realistic, and it’s fun little details like that which make them all the more Christmassy.

They don’t look like they would be too difficult to pull together, and I will very likely be making some of these to share with friends and family this Christmas.

18. Gingerbread Yule Log

18 Enchanting Yule Log Recipes to Grace Your Christmas Table (19)

I challenge you to find something more Christmassy than a Gingerbread Yule Log because I certainly can’t even imagine it.

I love all the spices within gingerbread, and the fact that they are all included in this recipe makes me even more desperate to try it out.

Vanilla and cinnamon are also added to the cream filling, which I think would give it the most lovely flavor without making it too sickly sweet. This is bound to go down well during the festive period, at parties, dinners, or on the big day itself.


I will never look at a festive Yule Log in the same way again now that I know of all the fancy ways in which it can be spruced up. I also love all the ideas for decoration, and I will definitely be looking back on all of them for inspiration once I have made the tough decision of which cake to make.

The exotic Yule Log is so different that I think it would be fun to really push the boat out, although I might struggle to stay away from my favorite, red velvet. The mini Yule Logs would also be a lot of fun to bring to a party.

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18 Enchanting Yule Log Recipes to Grace Your Christmas Table (2024)


What do you write on a Yule log? ›

A simple but meaningful tradition is to, before you burn your log, have each person in the family write down a wish on a piece of paper, and then insert it into the ribbons. It's your wishes for the upcoming year, and it's okay to keep those wishes to yourselves in hopes that they will come true.

Where did the Yule log recipe come from? ›

The cake emerged in the 19th century, probably in France, before spreading to other countries. It is traditionally made from a genoise, generally baked in a large, shallow Swiss roll pan, iced, rolled to form a cylinder, and iced again on the outside.

How to make a Yule log wood? ›

  1. Cut Birch log to desired size.
  2. Plan out spacing for where you would like for the candles to go.
  3. Use a Forstner bit the size of your candle to drill holes into the log. My candle size was 1 1/2" inches, so I used a 1 1/2" bit and drilled the holes 3/8" deep.
  4. Add candles to the Yule log and enjoy.
Dec 16, 2018

What makes a Yule log a Yule log? ›

The Yule log, Yule clog, or Christmas block is a specially selected log burnt on a hearth as a winter tradition in regions of Europe, and subsequently North America. The origin of the folk custom is unclear.

What is a chocolate Yule log? ›

yule log in British English

noun. 1. a large log of wood traditionally used as the foundation of a fire in the hearth at Christmas. 2. a chocolate-coated cylindrical sponge cake, eaten at Christmas.

What are the 12 days of Yule? ›

Yule is a 12 day long celebration that starts on the eve of the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and ends with the new calendar year. This celebration was one of the most important of the year in ancient times, celebrated by Pagans across Europe.

What day is Yule? ›

Read the original article. Yule will be celebrated by Wiccans and many other Pagans in the Northern Hemisphere on Dec. 21, the day of the winter solstice.

Is a yule log a jelly roll? ›

Also, a Jelly Roll pan has squared edges and a depth of 1 inch which is perfect for holding and shaping your Yule Log cake batter. Yule Log cakes also use sponge cake as the main ingredient- using separated eggs where the fluffy beaten egg whites are folded into the main ingredients to produce a light, airy cake.

What is the longest Yule Log cake? ›

The longest yule log measured 1,136.36 m (3728 ft 2.52 in) long and was created by Club Ashtarout Mayfouk, in Mayfouk, Lebanon, on 21 December 2018.

Why did my Yule log cake crack? ›

If you overbeat the batter or bake the cake too long, it could become dense, gummy, or dry — and thus more likely to crack. Our yule log recipe has 1/4 cup (25g) oil in it, which provided some helpful moisture.

How do you unlock Yule goat in Dreamlight Valley? ›

How to Craft Yule Goats. To craft Yule Goats, you will need x50 Wheat and x2 Fabric. Fortunately, Wheat is easy to obtain as it can be purchased from Goofy's Stalls in Peaceful Meadow, The Docks, The Courtyard, The Overlook, or The Ruins.

How do you craft a Yule goat in Dreamlight? ›

While in the Crafting Station, click on the Furniture option and search for the Yule Goat. Once found, use the 50 Wheat and 2 Fabric to create the Furniture and enjoy decorating the home with this medium-sized item.

How do I find dark wood in Dreamlight Valley? ›

Dark Wood only spawns in the Forgotten Lands, which is likely to be the last biome that most players unlock due to the high Dreamlight cost required to remove the night thorns blocking the path. Once you've gotten together the 15,000 Dreamlight to gain access, however, you should have no problem finding Dark Wood.


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