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Samsung shines at Mobile World Congress 2015

Samsung has just unveiled its new Galaxy S6 flagship phone at MWC 2015. And, it is accompanied by a cool, better-looking brother Galaxy S6 Edge which features curving screen around both sides.
S6 Edge has side clock and news scroll. You can also call up a list of recent contacts with a swipe. If it is face down, the sides of it will light up when you get a call. It looks and feels very sweet. 

Galaxy S6 probably is the most beautiful phone in Samsung's smartphone lineup. Its metal rim surely evokes the design of latest iPhone. No doubt, it's a good choice and the curving edge makes it grippier than iPhone.

Quickly press the home button twice, you will launch the camera. The time needed to start to snap the first picture has reduced to 0.7 seconds.
Wireless charging is also built in. Not like previous phones which needed a special back plate for charging, you can charge it almost anywhere with the phone itself.
They are also the first to support the Samsung mobile payment system which will be launched later.


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